Questions About Tithing

Unity El Paso is committed to tithing 10% (a tenth) of all we receive to those places where our ministry has been spiritually fed. This includes organizations, performers, individuals, churches or groups. The recipients are prayerfully discerned on a weekly basis and given in love.

Some examples where Unity El Paso has given of their tithes: Unity Institute, Silent Unity, The Association of Unity Churches International, Speakers, i.e. Edwene Gaines, Unity of Mesilla Valley, community organizations

As we fulfill the Law of Giving – that is, giving 1/10th out of love and joy of giving – our faith immediately becomes strengthened, and doubt disappears. We do not prosper 100-fold because we tithed. We prosper 100-fold because our faith increased 100-fold as a result of tithing… Tithing simply establishes a regular method of giving. It is a self imposed discipline, and it is the beginning development of a consciousness centered in God.

The Purpose of tithing is to to always to put God first.

— Stretton Smith

Creator of 4T Prosperity Program

We at Unity El Paso are very grateful for every gift we receive. We are especially happy for those who have learned the joy of giving by practicing the principle of tithing. We can never out-give God! And our gifts are returned to us multiplied.

What tithing does:

  • It reminds you of your Source.
  • It is a consistent, methodical way of practicing good stewardship.
  • It opens new channels of supply.
  • It strengthens consciousness as nothing else does.
Top Flower

Benefits Tithers Experience:

  • What they have goes further and lasts longer.
  • Ninety percent with God goes further than 100 percent without God.
  • They start a flow of good back to themselves.
  • New opportunities come into their lives.
  • They feel good about themselves because giving feels good.
  • Their tithe is a means to empower others
  • They secure the future of those organizations that spiritually feed them.

Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse... and by this put me to the test... if I will not open the windows of heaven for you and pour you out a blessing... that there shall not be room enough for you to receive it.

— Malachi 3:10