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About Us

SueSue Di Cara

Sue DiCara, a former teacher, has been managing the Unity Bookstore for nearly 12 years. Her love of reading, spirituality, and knowledge help to make her the delightful manager she is. And as an avid reader, Sue can always be counted on for wonderful, God inspired, conversation.

Mission Statement:

Our goal is offer individuals, on their spiritual path, a safe place for further exploration of self. We take pride in offering a variety of sources to help people discover themselves and to create a connection to God.


The Unity Bookstore began primarily as a way for the church’s congregants to purchase, Unity related, spiritual materials. Over the years it has evolved into a spiritual bookstore, that though primarily offers Unity materials, it also has a wide selection of other spiritual materials.

What we offer:

From A.R.E. to World Religion, we present many types of spiritual information to help guide you to peace and a sense of self. Stop on by to peruse our plentiful selection of alternative spiritual and religious books, CDs, and DVDs.

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Hours of Operation:

Sunday: 10 am - 1:30 pm
(Closed during the service
from 11 am - 12:15 pm)

1 pm - 5 pm
Saturday: 10 am - 2 pm

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